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Get in touch with Charlotte to put in your order using our contact page, contact button at the top right of this page, via email or on  07789961127

Mini Cake Hearts

£10 for 4, £15 for 6

Vanilla or chocolate sponge

White or dark chocolate 

A thin crisp chocolate shell, decorated with edible dusts, hides the perfect mixture of cake and buttercream. You can choose between vanilla or chocolate sponge for the centre and white or dark chocolate for the shell. 

Salted Caramel Chocolates

£10 for 12

A selection of white and dark chocolate lips and hearts filled with a well balanced sea salted caramel and decorate with edible metallic dust.


£7.50 for 4, £15 for 9

These double chocolate brownies with white and dark chocolate chunks are truly indulgent. Decorated with buttercream and edible treats they are sure to satisfy any chocoholic.

Biscuit Messages

£15 for up to 10 characters

A chance to send an edible message to those you love. Suggestions include “I love you”, “Miss you”, “Be mine”.

Valentines Biscuits

£12.50 for a message

A selection of  8 heart, love and Valentines shaped biscuits. 

Heart Cake

£40 for 6 inch, £50 for 8 inch

Vanilla or chocolate sponge

White, pink or red buttercream

The WOW of the pack! These cakes have everything; a delicious sponge, creamy buttercream and a selection of toppings such as mini meringues, macaroons and edible flowers. There is the opportunity to choose what flavour sponge and colour of icing. 

There is free delivery for a 10mile radius of Shaftesbury, Dorset and Royal Mail 48hr delivery between £3.50-£7.00 available.  

* all allergen information available on request

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